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Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Home With the Best Heat Pump?

Like any home improvement project, changing your heating and cooling system is an investment. If you want to get the most out of your investment, consider a Mitsubishi or Fujitsu heat pump system from New England Heat Pumps.

There is not a “one size fits all” heat pump system. Our experts will visit your home and recommend the best system for efficiently heating and cooling your home. After you discover the heat pump that is right for you, trust us to quickly and correctly install it. You could be enjoying comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills by tomorrow!

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Heat Pumps, The Perfection Solution for Maine’s Finicky Weather

New England Heat Pumps is your top choice for heat pumps in Bangor, Maine and the surrounding communities. Because we have more than 30 years of experience and a track record of reliability with great customer service, we’re your trusted partner for heat pump installation, maintenance and repair. Contact us today, and we’ll be on the way with:

  • Highly trained, certified and experienced heat pump installers and repair technicians.
  • A free estimate for heat pump installation of a unit that is accurately sized, not oversized, for your heating and cooling needs.
  • A written estimate for heat pump repair in Bangor and nearby communities that we stick to, so there are never any hidden costs.
  • A warranty on new heat pumps and on heat pump repairs.
  • An affordable maintenance plan for your heat pump system to keep in running efficiently and reliably year after year.

We Serve Your Community

We’re located in Brewer, Maine, and serve communities within approximately 50 miles of Bangor, Maine. This includes Lincoln, Penobscot, Piscatiquis and Hancock Counties.

Efficient Heat Pump Installation in Bangor, Maine and Beyond

Heat pumps offer outstanding efficiency in all seasons because they use a small amount of electricity to circulate refrigerant. The refrigerant does the work of capturing heat from outdoors and pumping it into your home in winter. In summer, the flow of the refrigerant is reversed. It captures heat indoors and disperses it outside. In air conditioning mode, humidity is also removed to make your home comfortable without excessive cooling.

Today’s efficient heat pumps can cut your energy use and costs by up to 50 percent when replacing an older heat pump, air conditioner or furnace. You’ll notice the difference on your very first utility bill as your heat pump begins to pay you back month after month.

Dependable Mitsubishi and Fujitsu Heat Pumps

We’re committed to providing our customers with the very best equipment for their home.

We install Fujitsu and Mitsubishi heat pumps because these brands set the standard for quality and efficiency. They consistently provide outstanding reliability and durability too along with superior climate control.

The bottom line for you will be reduced energy bills and lower repair costs over the life of the heat pump.

Ductless Heat Pump Advantages

There are several reasons to consider a ductless heat pump over a standard ducted heat pump. Ductless heat pump advantages include:

  • Lower installation costs since no ductwork installation is necessary.
  • Flexible installation solutions for homes, apartments, condominiums, additions, new construction and home remodels.
  • Installation in locations that traditional ductwork can’t reach.
  • Better efficiency because heated and cooled air isn’t lost through leaky ductwork.
  • Consistent heating and cooling without temperature fluctuations.
  • Healthier indoor air because allergens and bacteria often harbored in ductwork aren’t present in a ductless system.
  • Zoned heating and cooling for personalized comfort in every part of your home.

Ductless Heat Pump Basics

Ductless systems feature an outdoor unit and one to eight indoor units. The number of indoor units depends on the capacity of the system and the layout of the area to be served by the system. The outdoor unit of a ductless heat pump system contains a compressor that circulates refrigerant back and forth to each indoor unit, a radiator-like coil that disperses heat in summer and collects heat in winter and a fan that aids in cooling the coil in hot weather.

Each indoor unit includes a coil that allows the same type of heat transfer, into the room in winter and out of the room in summer, along with a fan that pushes treated air into the room. During summer cooling, humidity is removed from the air when it condenses onto the cold indoor coil. It is then drained to the outside of the home. This is an important part of air conditioning because indoor comfort can be achieved at a higher temperature when the air is less humid. The heat pump doesn’t work as hard or as long, and your energy bills are reduced.

Because there are outdoor and indoor units, these systems are called ductless split systems or mini-split systems. Zoning is possible with a ductless system, so that each room or zone can be customized. In winter, for example, bedroom space may be kept cooler while living space is maintained at a warmer temperature.

A thermostat that supports zoned heating and cooling is an essential part of a zoned system. New England Heat Pumps offers a range of systems and thermostats for you to consider, so your system will be exactly what you need.

The Right Heat Pump for your Home

We respect the uniqueness of each customer and their home, and that shows in the way we assist you in selecting a heat pump that meets your specific needs.

Mitsubishi and Fujitsu heat pumps are produced in a range of heating and cooling capacities, efficiency levels and performance features. We’ll be happy to evaluate your home’s heating and cooling requirements, discuss your options with you and recommend a system that will keep you comfortable in all seasons while significantly reducing your energy use and cost too.

Some of our customers ask how we determine the right size heat pump for your home. A range of factors is taken into consideration. These include our local climate, your home’s size, its layout and construction including the amount and type of insulation, siding and roofing materials, number and type of windows and landscape.

Prompt Heat Pump Repair

One of our specialties is heat pump repair in Bangor, Brewer and other nearby cities. Our skilled and experienced heat pump technicians can repair any brand of heat pump whether or not we installed it. And, of course, we provide quick, dependable service if anything should go wrong on a system we install. Our lengthy product warranties give you peace of mind for years after installation.

Heat Pump Maintenance for Better Performance

Like a car’s engine, a heat pump should be properly maintained to keep it running as efficiently and dependably as possible. Our heat pump maintenance agreements provide annual preventative service and cleaning using a comprehensive checklist. The result is continued indoor comfort, lower energy bills and fewer major repair costs over the life of the heat pump. Even if we didn’t install your heat pump, we can maintain it to extend its life and performance.

Heat Pump Installation and Repair

As you can see, we’re the heat pump professionals with solutions to your heating and air conditioning problems. Our service area covers Central and Coastal Maine. Call us today or use our convenient contact form, and we’ll be happy to provide you with heat pump repair, heat pump maintenance or a written estimate on heat pump installation in Bangor and beyond!